Tube notching or Pipe notching is a process of cutting the edge of a metal pipe in a special shape to fit perfectly to the mating part to have a perfectly welded joint.

Traditionally these tasks are accomplished by using a cumbersome hole saw or as often is the case straight cut using cutoff wheels. While the former method works, the process is more difficult and results in imperfect edges and more consumable costs. And the later process doesn’t really functions as structural member,  rather acts as mere joining two pieces with weld material. So, no matter what the real strength of the material is, the load is held by the weld material only.

EzFAB – 2575 CNC tube notching machine makes this process almost as easy as printing on a laser printer. Just enter the tube parameters like diameter, wall thickness and the joining angle and the parts are cut automatically with high precision. The finished parts require little or no deburring and ready for welding immediately.


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Our latest prodcut is AGV – 25, an Automated Guided Vehicle which brings state of the art material handling  to Indian industries at a fraction of the cost of  imported alternatives. Ingeniously developed and fabricated in our facility, AGV – 25 makes the repetitive hauling between designated points without manpower and almost at no running cost.


Guided by Image processing optical navigation makes this AGV – 25 up and running less than hour. Just use the color tape provided to mark the path between stations and the AGV is ready to transfer material.

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